Hey! I’m Jen, a dreamer, a seeker of light, and a lover of the Earth. I love mountains (so much that I live in Flagstaff, AZ, for half the year!), travel, being an auntie, and Kevin Bacon.


My goal with every session is to tell the story of the person I'm photographing. I do this by asking questions and getting to know YOU first, then using that information to craft a session focusing on what you love in life!

Senior Photos


We’ll meet at your first location. Be sure to bring all clothing and accessories with you. Parents are welcome to join, but I ask that when shooting, it’s just you & I. This tends to work best for the most natural expressions and brings out your true personality. While I do not have a dedicated studio, I have the ability to rent space, should you decide on a studio session. 

1/2 Hour with Friends


The Gold Experience includes a half hour added to your session to invite your friends to join us after your photos at a decided upon location. Capturing your favorite activities to do together often works well. Get creative! You may also use your half hour for family photographs.

After the Photos

Viewing Party

Images will be viewable in an online gallery two weeks later and we will set up a time to meet. Be prepared with a list of sizes and quantities of artwork you’d prefer, as orders will occur at the viewing party.

Adorn your Walls


Emerald Rue offers a variety of amazing, unique artwork for you to choose from. Options include classic prints, canvas, albums and unique options like the senior sonnet. Artwork options will be sent via PDF in a separate email.


Can't I just use my phone to take some photos?

In today's world, you must stand out to be noticed. Never before has imagery been more relevant than now, with the rise of apps like Instagram & TikTok. Those apps are a fantastic way to gather a following of potential clients.When it's time to convert those followers into clients, it's necessary to have a website that showcases YOU and gives consumers a place to buy. In order to maintain credibility, you need professional photography.Rise above your competition. Be the one who stands out.

I don't like being photographed. Maybe this isn't for me.

Wrong! I strongly believe everyone is photogenic with a little confidence and the right photographer. I am a pro at getting people to feel comfortable in front of the camera and you'll be surprised by how easy the process is.After we meet and take a few images, you'll feel yourself loosen and your confidence will shine! In order to succeed, we must get a little uncomfortable at times.

What will the day look like, timing-wise?

The first session will begin promptly at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, May 23 and the last will end at 4 pm. Choose a 15-minute time slot that works for you within those hours. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. You'll have a chance to purchase delicious refreshments from the General Store at High Country Motor Lodge and network with the other entrepreneurs after you take your images. Bring your computer and stay to do some work if you'd like!

What if I have an office or workspace I'd like photographed?

Not a problem! Schedule a call with Jen to determine if a separate photo session at a different location would be more beneficial for you. (Cost may vary depending on your needs).ORYou may purchase a time at High Country Motor Lodge on May 23 and add 15 minutes of photographing time at the location of your choice on a different date in May 2023 for an additional $249.

Can I bring additional team members?

Of course! Just have them show up at your scheduled time slot. They will be required to sign a model release upon arrival. You may also purchase two-time slots back to back to allow for additional time and extra included images. Sessions are 15 minutes and will include 20 edited proofs. From those 20, you'll choose the 5 images included in the package (or 8 if you book by May 1), whether they are of you or with a team.

What does the session cost?

The accrued value of the experience is $700+.

As part of this limited, one-time offer, you'll get a 15-minute session and 5 hi-res digital images for the low price of $249. You can snag an additional 3 FREE digital images by booking before May 5. Option to purchase more digital images is also available after the shoot for $15/image.

Add-on 15 additional minutes at a separate location in May 2023 for $249. This additional session also includes 5 digital images.

Included items on May 23:

A pre-session phone consultation with Jen (optional)

15 minute, individual mini-session

Networking time with other entrepreneurs

5 digital images

Can I bring props? What do I wear?

Yes! Please bring any props that will help with your branding. Common props include any physical items you sell, a computer, a phone, a clipboard or journal, etc.Wearing your brand colors helps create a cohesive feel across your platforms. Dress as you normally would or go professional if you dress that way with clients. Do hair and make-up as you would for a professional event.