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Captivating Storytelling for Events

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Authentic Brand Video and Photos

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Compelling Social Media Ready Content

The answer to a stale web presence is here…tell your story with video and photos.

People don’t understand how you can help them and who you are because your site doesn’t have an effective video & photo strategy. They stumble across your website, skim the homepage and leave. Making them stay requires a call to action.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 80% of marketers confirmed that video helped increase sales.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human sharing and our brains are hardwired to be interested. Think about it; even after your body has gone to sleep, your mind stays up dreaming in story. Any photographer can deliver a series of unrelated photos or videos.

The element of story truly changes the way others view and remember a brand or event. It makes all the difference.

Hey! I’m Jen.

I’m a storyteller who is ready to meet you and get to know you. A photographer that’ll pull the real you out in photos.

A videographer that’ll show clients an authentic, meaningful behind-the-scenes video look at your brand.

Learn more about me or contact me to learn more!