About Jen

Jen Martodam

I’m Jen Martodam. I’m an observer, storyteller and lover of people. I live in the Minneapolis area and have been a professional photographer for over 12 years. I’ve photographed weddings and families, connected with clients I now call friends, and offered a service that is personal and meaningful.

The past year and a half, my focus has shifted to videography. Video and audio offer an intimate, heartfelt way to share a story, highlight a brand or showcase an event, which I love.

I’m an observer and listener. Human connection and storytelling has always fascinated me. The behind the scenes, values and mission of a brand is worth understanding and I’m ready to listen. I believe getting to know the people behind the company is the best way to honestly portray the mission.

High caliber service is a priority to me. Respect is a core value and I respect you. I’m transparent and up front with clients, just as I’d expect to be treated if I hired for a service.

On a personal level:
My dog Zoey & I enjoy hiking, camping, anything related to the lake, and summer (like any true Minnesotan, right!). Appropriately, my favorite color is green. I live for a good happy hour. Footloose (the original), Kevin Bacon, and Wheel of Fortune are my favorites. I truly and greatly dislike pickles.

If I could travel anywhere it would be wherever there are mountains. Mountains are in my soul. Not literally, of course, but every time near them or imagine I’m in them, peace rolls over me. I recently traveled to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada and it is by far the most beautiful place I have been. That being said, I live in Minnesota, and we have a total of zero mountains, ha!