Austin & Martha || Carlos Creek Winery Wedding || Minneapolis Wedding Photography

When you meet a couple and they tell you they are part of a team that travels the world playing Ultimate Frisbee, you know their wedding is going to have a certain laid back, cool vibe. Austin & Martha’s Carlos Creek Winery wedding did not disappoint. Not only were their friends and family super sweet and inviting, let me tell you, this group can DANCE! More on that later…

After a hit or miss day of sprinkles and clouds, the skies opened up to sunshine and blues just in time for the outdoor ceremony. Smiles and joy were on the faces of all as Martha and her father walked down the aisle toward Austin. With the sun peeking through the trees they said their vows and exchanged rings. More fun ensued as the sunny day continued, with an outdoor social hour followed by a lovely reception in the stables. Now, on to that dancing, once the tunes began, you couldn’t keep the people off the floor! You’ll have to see for yourself below.

Austin and Martha – congratulations once again! Your day was absolutely a ball and I look forward to showing you the rest of the images very soon! Enjoy!!

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