Avi & Jean || Linden Hills Neighborhood Vow Renewal || Minneapolis Vow Renewal Photography

This wedding was the one I looked forward to all year long. About a year and a half ago, I had the honor of photographing Rebi & Dave’s Day Block Event Center wedding and I found out these people are the good ones. As in, salt of the Earth, classy (check out Jean’s mother-of-the-bride outfit – pure class!), just downright good people. When I was contacted regarding the vow renewal of Avi & Jean, I was elated at the opportunity to spend another lovely day with them.

Avi & Jean were married 37 years ago in a similar, scaled back ceremony in her father’s backyard. This time around, Jean wanted a beautiful gown, fresh floral arrangements galore and to be surrounded by their family and closest friends. Here is what I witnessed throughout the day; a deep, solid connection between two people who have genuine respect and appreciation for one another. Every wedding has love, but this one had a different feel. One earned through years of hard work at keeping the love alive. It was truly beautiful and I’m grateful to have witnessed the day.

Cheer to another 37 years, Avi & Jean!