Coffee & Closers


The setting is WeWork (Uptown) Minneapolis.

The players are Bedore Business Group founder Mikeli Bedore, his interview guest(s)of the week, and local to Minneapolis/St Paul business professionals.

The take away is process design, tools used and tips on what works to successfully grow revenue in a business.

Coffee & Closers is a monthly gathering featuring an interview style format that gives a peek into some of the top sales minds that propelled the growth of companies.

JenniferA Photography worked with Coffee & Closers to capture storytelling still images and short, recap videos of two different events. The goal of Coffee & Closers was to use the images and videos to feature the events and promote future events on social media.

Jen has a way of capturing live moments via photography and video like no one else. We can’t pin down what she does better, film or edit but the end result is always masterpiece level. We’ve hired them to capture our company events as well as invited them into our home to record our family as we grow. It’s tough to pin down a group that can do both as well as they do.

Mickeli Bedore
Coffee & Closers and Bedore Business Group Founder