Coffee Talk | Lesson 16

Lesson 16:  Take the time to meet up with friends.  It keeps you sane.

Sometimes we get so busy it’s hard to make time for everyone.  I’m a firm believer that social interaction relieves stress and makes ya happy.  I met up with friends Jessica Smith and Emily Steffen a few days ago to do just that.  We met for coffee and ended up yakkin’ so long we only went out to shoot for about 20 minutes before I had to leave!!

These gals are both super talented wedding photographers and part of a group I call my “photo friends”.  I LOVE getting together with them because we can geek out about photography related issues for hours and never get sick of talking about it.  We met at a newly discovered coffeehouse in Minneapolis called Spyhouse.  It was full of local art and had an ecclectic feel.  I instantly loved it.  Seeing as how I’d already consumed a pot of coffee that morning, I sprang for peppermint tea and it came in it’s own cute little pot.


I wanted to do a little shooting, so we ventured out into the neighborhood.  Emily let me try out her tilt-shift lens, which is an uber cool lens that was originally used for architectural photography and helps with distortion.  When used for other purposes, it creates some cool selective focus effects and it’s just plain fun.

Thanks for the good time ladies 🙂