Mark & Marissa || Elegant Backyard Wedding || Minnesota Wedding Photography

Here’s what I love about Mark & Marissa – whenever they look at each other, their eyes automatically soften and they get that head over heals look – real love.  On the day of their wedding, they’d planned all there was to be planned, decorated & gotten ready and all there was left to do was go with the flow and have the time of their lives.  This couple was the definition of calm and collected that day – even when the morning started off wet & rainy – my kind of couple!!

Mark & Marissa live in Nevada but Marissa’s roots are northern Minnesota and the obvious choice when planning location was there.  Her parents home is set on a gorgeous piece of land complete with abundant poplar trees, a little pond, and space enough for a giant tent.  We had no problem traveling the property to get gorgeous photos – plus, just look at them – adorable couple!!  They are one of the couples that I know will stand the test of time – they truly found their perfect matches.

Mark & Marissa – thank you so much for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding day!  You guys are amazing people and I wish you nothing but happiness!!

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