Peter & Ashley || Plymouth Creek Center Wedding || Minneapolis Wedding Photography

When your college roommate, who you lived with for four solid years, tells you she’s getting married and asks you to do photos, you say, “Yay! Congratulations! Yes!”

This was one of the most fun weddings I have been to in a while. Ashley & Peter are both laid back and have great senses of humor. The day was a full one, where we began with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in which Peter had to complete tasks to gain access to his bride (think a rap, the limbo and pom-pom cheers!). Family and friends bode well wishes to the couple and we ate a delicious feast prepared by Peter’s mother.

From there, a beautiful garden ceremony took place at the Millennium Garden at Plymouth Creek Center. The couple took time after to play some ultimate Frisbee with pals, mingle with guests and Peter serenaded Ashley with a classic Backstreet Boys hit. The gorgeous day was one I will not soon forget.

Ashley and Peter, you two are gems! I’m so honored you chose me to hang out with you all day! Congratulations and best wishes to many, many years of happiness!