Pride Parade || W Hotel Event Photography

Last month was the Minneapolis Pride Parade, celebrating LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Transgender) rights.  The Pride weekend celebration occurred not only in Minnesota but all over the country.  There was an especially excitement-charged atmosphere around MSP, since MN legislators had recently passed the Freedom to Marry bill just weeks earlier.

I was asked to ride along and photograph the float for the W Hotel Minneapolis and as a supporter of the movement and a first-timer to the parade, I was pumped to be right in the action.  Everyone who works for the W Hotel that rode on the float was extremely welcoming and hard working as they prepared to rock the parade with a giant hot pink “W”, multi-colored beads, and rainbow feather boas.  The W’s theme was ‘prohibition’ so martini glasses, fedoras and suspenders were abundant.

Once we found our place in the line of floats, I was in awe by the amazing crowd, dressed in bright colors to show their support – nearly 400,000 spectators showed up!!  The energy was out of control!  All I can say is that if you have never experienced the Pride Parade in past year, put it on your bucket list – NOW – and get there next year!

Special thanks to the staff at the W Hotel Minneapolis for being awesome!

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