Raff & Stephanie || Married || Woods Chapel & Westin Galleria Wedding Photography

I had the opportunity to meet with Stephanie & Raff last night for their wedding reveal, which is when a couple gets to come to the studio to see their images for the first time on the projector while enjoying a little bubbly.  We reflect on the day and chat about our favorite parts.  It’s definitely my favorite meeting, especially when the couple is as rockin’ as Steph & Raff.  I’ve noticed something when I’m around the two of them.  They pay attention & appreciate each other.  If one is talking, the other gives their complete attention.  Something about this little act strikes me as unique & uncommon and makes me certain these two will be forever happy.

Rewind to the big day.  It rained. . .pretty much all day. When you have a beautiful couple & two amazing venues, this does not deter you one bit.  All involved were such great sports when there was a small break in the drizzle and we were able to step outside for a bit.  Raff & Steph have amazing families, fantastic friends and a big love for them all.  This plus the elegant deep purple accents and details made for one radiant day for all involved.  I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking.  Stephanie & Raff, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day.  Congratulations again!

Fynnwed-001 Fynnwed-002 Fynnwed-003Fynnwed-007 Fynnwed-008Fynnwed-014Fynnwed-016-2 Fynnwed-016
Fynnwed-022 Fynnwed-023Fynnwed-025Fynnwed-029Fynnwed-032 Fynnwed-033Fynnwed-035 Fynnwed-036
Fynnwed-041Fynnwed-044Fynnwed-046Fynnwed-048Fynnwed-051Fynnwed-053Fynnwed-056 Fynnwed-057
Fynnwed-061Fynnwed-063Fynnwed-065 Fynnwed-066Fynnwed-068 Fynnwed-069 Fynnwed-070 Fynnwed-071-2Fynnwed-085 Fynnwed-086

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