Check out the services offered below!

Brand Films

Tell your story. Bring life to your brand. Get your message out in a meaningful, creative way.

Convey the heart behind your mission. I can help. As the sole producer, videographer and editor from JenniferA Photography, you’ll work with only me to ensure your purpose doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Together, we’ll determine the goal, audience, story and call to action that your brand film will achieve. I’ll listen to the past, present and future vision for your company and we’ll storyboard an honest portrayal of your message.

After strategizing, filming, and capturing audio, I’ll create a final film based on our plan. You have final say in edits and revisions. The end product is one that’ll connect with potential clients and reinforce trust with current clients.

Event Films

Document parties, corporate events, open houses or any event with video that tells a story and shows energy.

Incorporate testimonials that’ll help gain participants for future events. Showcase a space in a unique way by filming an open house. These films are valuable marketing tools that can be used over and over.

I’ll work with you to determine the goal of your film, plan accordingly and ensure viewers have a clear call to action. Use the film to build relationships that last long after the event has ended.

-Use as a thank-you
-Showcase a space
-Secure attendees for future events

Event or Brand Photographs

Still photography is as relevant as ever in today’s social media driven world.

Use brand photography to cohesively portray your business. I’ll collaborate with you to ensure the values and mission of the brand are captured. Photographs of people, spaces and products are all excellent ways to display your brand.

Event photography that retells the story of your day is valuable. Use it as a gift to the guests, to recap your event on the web or to promote upcoming events.

-Social media brand presence
-Website images
-Event recap
-Promote future events
-Use as a thank-you