Show & Tell 3.16.11

We’ve all been watching for the past week the footage of the devastation in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami.  It makes my stomach churn thinking about what some people had to go through if caught unaware and I’m praying every day for those who survived and are now dealing with the mess and destruction.

We all get caught up in our own problems and think that we can’t possibly help, but I urge anyone who reads this to do SOMETHING.  Even if it’s a small donation.  I know that times are tough for most people right now, but think about those who lost everything.  You’ll be surprised how helping others can make you feel!!  I’ve listed a few links of donation sites (ligit – CNN recommends) and a You Tube video as a little reminder of how paying 3.50 for gas is better that having it all wash away.


Convoy of Hope

Doctors Without Borders