Show & Tell 3.9.11

This week I’d like to share a new band that I’m jammin to while editing.  For those of you familiar with Minneapolis radio, you’ll know that The Current plays a fresh mix of music you can’t get anywhere else.  They play tons of local artists as well as up and coming, non-“mainstream” indie musicians that are leading the way in originality.  It is a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) supported station, so they rely on donations to keep running.  I LOVE The Current and heard this song last week, fell in love with it and immediately downloaded their CD when I got home.

The band is called The Head and the Heart and they ROCK!!  They are originally out of Seattle and just released their second album in January.  Here is the video that accompanies the song.  Please listen and then download their CD – you will not be disappointed.

PS – click on their name above and you can download 2 songs for FREE!!

Why I love this video:  sepia-toned vintage film look.  entire first minute is one continuous handheld shot.  hundreds of lamps as light.  campfirey feel. train. burning piano. harmonies.