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I ran across this article in an online forum I’m a part of and it really caught my attention.  John Mayer, whose music I thouroughly enjoy, spoke to a group of students at Berklee School of Music.  He talked mainly of the music industry and certain roadblocks, stigmas and expectations that can come along with such a career.  I found a lot of his points I could relate to photography or even to any art in general.

His points on social media and over promoting were interesting to say the least as I’ve always been a fan of getting my work out there for people to see.  There comes a point, and I know I’ve been guily of this, where I find myself taking certain shots because I know they’d go great on my blog rather than being true to my style and how I see things.  It was a nice reality check to read Mayer’s words and how he admits to his mistakes with social media.

John Mayer 2

What hit me as being the most influential thing in the article is the following:

“If you’re good, and you know you’re good, and you know you’re better than those people getting paid to do it, you still have to have an open ear….Nobody’s music is the enemy of your music…The idea that someone else has made it when they shouldn’t have made it is toxic thinking.” (John Mayer)

WOW!!  As a follower of many other’s work, I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve come across another whose work is similar or is a style I’m not impressed with and wondered why or how they are making it.  Who am I to judge someone else’s way of seeing things?

“Nobody’s music is the enemy of your music”  – This is so incredibly true (well, substitute photography in my case).  The fact that social media and the internet allows us to view hundreds of photographs a day and compare should really have no effect on my style or how I feel about my work but it so often does.  The truth is, the arts are not a competition.  It’s about finding your niche and passion and running with it and not caring about what anybody thinks.

Ok, I’m done ranting and raving about this topic – if you’ve made it this far head to the article HERE, read it and feel free to leave a comment below if it made you think as much as it made me.

Happy Tuesday people.

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