Tom & Deb || First Glimpse || Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

As a photographer, there are dreams you have of someday making it so big you can travel the world photographing beautiful places and wonderful people. While I’m not sure I’ve made it big quite yet, my dream became reality a few weeks ago when dear friends Tom and Deb were married in the breathtaking, picturesque city of Varenna, nestled into the Alps on Lake Como, Italy. There are no two people I would have rather spent the day with than these two. Their love and respect for one another is so evident when you are near them it makes you believe eternal happiness is possible.  This is merely a small sampling of the beautiful moments captured that day. Please stay tuned for a full post very soon.

Tom and Deb, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with the memories and moments of your gorgeous day. Congratulations once again!!!


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jenniferaphoto_italywedding-21 jenniferaphoto_italywedding-22